Thursday, December 18, 2008

ATHENS, AL 35611

CCS Garbage Service, Inc. provides household garbage service for residents of Limestone County, Alabama.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Thursday 5am to 12:30pm
Friday 5 am to 9:30am

Once you have paid your utility deposit, you can start placing your garbage roadside for pickup. We do not supply cans in Limestone County. You may purchase a can of your choice at a local retail store. A 32 gallon can is the largest can that we will physically pickup and dump. Anything over a 32 gallon can, all household garbage needs to be in bags, no bags and loose garbage mixed. We will take the bags out, but will not physically pick the can up and dump it. If you have packing boxes from moving in, if you break them down to a manageable size and put them roadside with household garbage, we will pick those up for you also.

Residents are allowed 6 - 32 gallon garbage cans or 6 -32 gallon garbage bags. If your can is over 32 gallons, as long as it is equal to 192 gallons, you are fine.

There is not a yard debris (grass, leaves, tree limbs,etc) or bulk item (furniture, mattresses, etc.) set up in Limestone County. There is a dumping station on Hwy 72 called BFI Transfer Station that you can take these items to. Their number is 256-729-8505.

Other items that we do not pickup include the following:

dead animals
construction materials
paint cans
medical waste
feces of any kind

Barrels or 96 gallon carts are not physically picked up and dumped. This includes any homemade cans whether plastic or metal. We will remove bags but will not dig through loose Garbage to get to any bags that may be on the bottom.

For Holiday Schedules we contact the following:

Athens New Courier

Decatur Daily

Huntsville Times

Ardmore Shopper